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Would you or anyone else using a M-audio card mind going through your setup with me? When it does work, it can be a bit glitchy regardless of my latency settings.

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If it cannot do this reliably, I may as well go back to Cubase on OS9. Please note I am still quite new to macs.

I want to have it all available in Ardor. How can I do this? The auditioner is a special bus that the region preview feature uses for output.

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As for the person with the macbook, you need to make an Aggregate device that include both the input and the output, and then use that with JACK. You can add all 3 devices the builtin output, line input and mic input to the device for maximum flexibility. When I tried the Jack input and output configuration last time, a couple months ago, I found it confusing for some reason but CtlJack seemed hard to load up.

AudioEngine error!

Here's the download for the demo version of the USB audio driver

Mac OS X. It looks very impressive! Does anybody know where I should start in solving this problem?

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The fact that it's so compact is an added bonus for the touring lifestyle - I would have brought this puppy in a rack unit if that's what it took! Having the option of the internal or external Mic makes it a truly portable device. Ron from East Texas From Sweetwater.

Absolutely LOVE this thing!! Loving the simplicity with which i can now connect it to my iPad and record. Get answers now in the Apogee Knowledgebase.

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    February 11, It's a device that can be used in multiple ways perfectly on the road. March 18, It has no trouble driving the headphones well beyond my comfort level, doing so with plenty of headroom to spare. The ONE has a, dare I say it, ruler-flat response. With the help of the ONE, I can listen to high-quality music files from my iPad - and it sounds great. It's a no-brainer for audiophiles who travel a lot and don't want to lug around their MacBook.