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The built-in mic preamps offer 75dB of gain range; Apogee says the company optimizes the mic pre circuit at each stepped gain setting to capture more dynamics and frequency bandwidth. Apogee makes a big point of the Duet's exceptional total harmonic distortion THD and noise floor figures, which mean a lot more here than they do in, say, the consumer electronics world, where stereo equipment manufacturers have been known to play with those numbers rather liberally.

In the real world, if you listen carefully, you can really hear the difference between the Duet and other interfaces—even against a direct competitor like the Focusrite Forte.

Review: Apogee Duet for iPad and Mac

The Forte sounds great, mind you; it records and plays back clean, pristine audio. But with the Duet, you get another level of midrange and high-end detail, both through the mic preamps, when tested with a Rode NT-1A large diaphragm condenser mic, and during playback, where you pick up a little more stereo separation and detail on individual instruments.

Apogee Duet 2

You can make, mix, and monitor excellent recordings on either interface, but the Duet sounds just a bit better overall, in a variety of situations. Recording on the iPad was also as easy as I expected; I installed the free Apogee Maestro app, which offers a similar interface to the desktop version.

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I plugged in the same mic, made sure phantom power was enabled, dialed in an appropriate level of gain, and recorded audio with GarageBand on top of MIDI virtual instrument tracks without a problem. Reliability was also rock solid throughout, on both test machines.


As far as computer recording is concerned, it's a little less clear, thanks to the host of competitors that have rushed to the scene since the original Apogee Duet proved a success following its launch in The Forte is an obvious choice if you're recording on the PC platform, thanks to its Windows compatibility, and it sounds really good in its own right, if slightly different than the Apogee Duet. Propellerhead Reason fans should have a look at the Propellerhead Balance , which offers clean sound and tight integration with Reason.

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  • Finally, if you're on a strict budget, you'll do well with the Editors' Choice Focusrite iTrack Solo which brings clear recording to PCs, Macs, and iPads at a low price, even if it lacks the level of detail and transparency that both the Duet and Forte offer. He's also written three books.

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    Cons Doesn't work with PCs. Similar Products. Focusrite iTrack Solo. Focusrite Forte.

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    Condition is Used. Apogee Duet sets the industry standard for portable professional audio recording on Mac and iPad.

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    Made for the musician, producer and engineer that wants the ultimate sound quality and elegant simp Lightning and. Apogee is an award-winning industry leader in digital recording technology with over 25 years of exper USB 2.

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